ZEC Dice Game

Zcash is a little like Dash, which means great for dice, it just focuses on quick, efficient, and smart delivery, if Dash is a cargo train, Zcash is like a little cargo plane; quick transport and no fuss and one of the first players (looking at you Mr ninja ETH) who's managed to go proof of stake after initially being proof of work, want me to explain the difference? TOUGH! Just understand as we've moved from mining being egalitarian (no more), it turns out actually in some ways wealth ownership being the means of more wealth isn't always bad…

I mean maybe the comparison for ZEC should be a solar-powered plane, you see, proof of stake has way less overhead than mining your money and although it means the little fish can’t get big in on the action that’s what casinos are for! Start with a little and grow it big in your ZEC dice game, or at least, try, ZCash dice won't necessarily make you rich, but sure there’s a lot of potentials, then you can hodl away your gambling millions and earn money off the interest, well, at least that’s what dreams are based on.

With those zooming jet plane fast transaction times you’ll never be more than a few minutes from getting your ZCASH dice game on the move. It’s also highly tradeable across all the normal services meaning you can plop your wealth in and out, or hold it in particular wallets and stake them for extra money, though I never really understood what ducks need money for? I guess though faucets are like bread being thrown at the pond, gifts from the gods!

You can play any of crypto currencies: