ETC Dice Game

A good option to make some good rolls in your beloved dice and of course on your favourite DuckDice. Ethereum classic, just wants to be like his big brother used to be before Ethereum discovered philosophy; a pure version of an original vision, perhaps like marvel's vision vs Marvel "what if" Ultron – given the right circumstances, purity might win! But I have a feeling the Ultron with the infinity stones, and the will to conquer the multi-verse, and well, the cooler look, will forever win this fight.

Now it’s not to say ETC’s vision hasn’t got good things going on for it, not that it really matters if you just want to get down and dice — it’s well-positioned when its older brother goes proof of stake to be the next big thing or is it the old big thing? I don’t know, but ETC has had a rocky road, but it’s well adopted among casinos, exchanges and the mighty wallets. It’s also very much cheaper than its big brother to send (for now), of course, all we write on these badly written descriptions are subject to change at any moment!

You’ll get your Ethereum Classic dice game off to a good start with this one, it’s really been a grower and a shower and has a lot of potential, I don’t think anybody expected it to rival the values of the older big boys like litecoin, but here it is! I mean we can ignore the successful 51% attacks a while ago, there are so many people in the pot now we really should….should be safe, I’m safe right? Let’s get that rig mining! (please don’t sue us for terrible advice)

So are you ready for some ETC dice fun? I know i am, wait, 3000 confirmations? No no, it’s fine, honestly, all fine.

You can play any of crypto currencies: