XLM Dice Game

Arguably but at least very close to being number 2 favourite among online cryptocurrency dice players left behing dogecoin dice games. A hybrid of ideas of ripples centralized goodness (and fastness) with complexity and nerdiness awaits, it waits to be the ripple of Ethereum eventually, being able to support complex ideas and bigger ambitions, a little raptor to Jurassic world indominus rex but a bit like the little raptor, it'll probably need a bit of help from his friends...not sure where this analogy is going, but hopefully XLM does!

Now, what does this all mean for your Stellar dice game? It’s super popular for a really good reason, it’s fast, super-fast, the flash fast, even faster than ethereum dice! Within seconds you’ll be from your exchange wallet into your game and rolling! It’s usually incredibly reliable as well, however it is prone to the occasional downtime due to its complexity. However, as time rolls on this is less and less an interruption to your dice game.

It’s a little fighter too on value, and we know all gamblers are after a little bit of extra roller coaster, it can be one to hold and speculate on and gamble with the excess value generated, or one too quickly shift off your books and into a casino and try to ride the difference (never really a smart idea but hey, dice is meant to be fun not smart). Just remember the tricky part! So most exchanges, casinos, wallet services that you use that do not belong to you personally will use one primary address subdivided by individual identifiers called ‘memo’. Always ensure when depositing anywhere your XLM coin you double-check this.

It’s quite well supported out in the crypto-verse with many places offering it, even on old faithful like coinbase which is unique amongst centralized coins like this. It means it’s got good fluidity and not too much centrally controlled wealth by the creators compared to some like XRP and TRX.

So what’s stopping your XLM dice game today?

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