USDT Dice Game

Stable coins are always a good choice for dice to those who like to hodl other cryptocurrencies. Tether is the dollar, that will always be a dollar, now transportable in ETH, TRX and BEP-20, worries over its reliability as a store of value aside, it's fought it all off like a war elephant charging through a million arrows and remains one of the biggest of all. It's had a tough time, a lot of public relations issues, it’s not quite Trump but it's a bit like your accountant, you don't really like him, don't even necessarily need him, but he makes a tough job easier.

There was a lot of bad press about this coin a while ago, it was meant to be entirely backed by real dollars, it turned out it was more like 2/3rds ‘real’ and 1/3rd ‘magic money but since the majority of the world economy is magic money to a much higher degree than that (banks anyone?) then we can probably let it off, I mean hell, casino’s love magic money!

With all the various transport options you can make sure that you can get into your dice game relatively cheap and easy and quick. It’s supported literally everywhere by everything and since it’s the default for all exchanges you’ll always be dicing away, getting that profit away, or reloading after a horrific bust in no time!

I mean sure there is 9plenty of USD pegged alternatives that are probably more ethical and real than this one now, but you’ll never have a liquidity issue with USDT as it’s so wildly used. Let’s be honest, most of this doesn’t apply to anything you’re going to be doing anyway, but it’s nice to have some background to the Coins.

It’s worth noting if you use it’s an original protocol that fees and time for transactions can take forever, you’re much better off using the alternate methods. Also, note that exchange prices are often a lot higher with stable coins in general, this is because people can do clever fancy arbitrage with exchanges if it wasn’t set higher than normal crypto exchanges. However, usually cashing out into fiat (your actual bank) from USDT is usually set at reasonable fees making it an OK choice for your dicing needs.

Why not load up USDT (Tether USD) for your Dice game today?

You can play any of crypto currencies: