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Creative approach to dice and sports betting. The most advanced and popular game among bitcoin gamblers.

* according to our most loyal players :)
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Your perfect bitcoin dice experience Your perfect bitcoin dice experience
Total users playing dice now
Playing Now 357
Sweet bitcoin casino jackpot
Jackpot $ 109,080
Summary of all casino withdrawals
Payouts $ 158,155,089
3 max win
Total # of crypto dice bets
Bets 91,503,922,445
Original Pro Dice

Original Pro Dice

Auto and Flash betting, advanced strategies builder, native multi-currency, 1 satoshi min bet, demo mode, bank feature and so much more!
play dice
Sport Betting

Sport Betting

100,000+ real live monthly events, 50,000+ pre match monthly events, 15,000+ international leagues, 100+ sports and much more!
score bet

DD Club Bonuses

We offer up to 15% Rakeback and free faucets in BTC or in another supported cryptocurrency. Rakeback aka cashback can be claimed as often as once every 15 minutes and there are special weekly and monthly rakebacks.



Daily bonus that is available every 15 minutes

Hot Friday

Hot Friday

Weekly bonus that is available every Friday

Duck’s 7th

Duck’s 7th

Monthly bonus that is available every 7th day

Free Faucet

Free Faucet

Free bonus that is available up to 55 times a day

Affiliate program

Affiliate Program

Get passive income with DuckDice’s Affiliate program. Refer a friend and earn up to 30% commission!

30% max commission
$760,431 Commission paid
Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

Over 90% of deposits are credited instantly making your crypto gambling experience as smooth as practically possible. It means we add a deposit to your balance even before the transaction is processed so you won’t need to wait. Most withdrawals are processed instantly as well!

99.8% withdrawals approved instantly

Side Games & Bonuses

All Bonuses
  • Lottery Bonus


    Win $100,000 Lottery Jackpot with a ticket only costing $0.1! Weekly draws and numerous winning combinations!

    Lottery rules
  • Jackpot Bonus


    Progressive Bitcoin Dice Jackpot that only grows and waiting to be won. The regular Jackpot amount is ~2.5 BTC and can be won by anyone with just a lucky bet!

    More about Jackpot
  • Races Bonus


    Regular bonus game where you gamble against other players to win prizes.

    More about Races
  • Rakeback Bonus

    Rakeback Bonus

    House Edge refund available for level 1 and higher that can be claimed every 15 minutes. Fully automated and transparent!

    More about Rakeback
  • Rainbot


    DuckDice's chatbot will cheer everyone with randomly sent free coins making bitcoin gambling experience accessible by everyone.

    Rain rules
  • Demo Mode

    Demo Mode

    Play with big fake balances, same dice functionality but not real money, and no risks. Available to everyone at any time.

    Play in Demo Mode
  • Lottery Ticket Bonus

    Lottery Ticket Bonus

    Get free Lottery tickets. Participate for free and win real money!

    More about Lottery Ticket Bonus
  • Birthday Balloons Game

    Birthday Balloons Game

    Guess which balloon has your 30% of bets amount back and click to pop!

  • Deposit Bonus

    Deposit Bonus

    Multiply your balance with leverage provided by DuckDice! Explore completely new bitcoin gambling experience.

    Deposit Bonus rules
  • Bet Refund Bonus

    Bet Refund Bonus

    Get an increased bet amount back. Available on selected bets.

  • Halloween Spooky Bonus

    Halloween Spooky Bonus

    Every 1313 roll number will bring treats! Click on pumpkins to get more!

  • Easter Bonus

    Easter Bonus

    Each springtime there comes a chance to get something special!

  • Lucky Bet Bonus

    Lucky Bet Bonus

    Daily bonuses that let ducklings win extra coins for a selected bet.

    More about Lucky Bet Bonus
  • Duck Hunt interactive game

    Duck Hunt interactive game

    Every few hours the duck will fly over the chat. Shoot to get free coins!

    Duck Hunt rules
  • Affiliate Program

    Affiliate Program

    Bring your friend and get a Bonus from DuckDice!

    Affiliate Program rules
  • Bitcoin Faucet

    Bitcoin Faucet

    Get coins to try the game for free! Just claim Faucet and and roll.

    Faucet rules
  • Tips


    Receive coins from other players or send coins yourself as a courtesy.

    Tips rules
  • New Year Bonus

    New Year Bonus

    This wonderful time, you can get some extra coins for free!

  • Christmas celebration

    Christmas celebration

    Christmas presents are for everyone in this time of a year!

  • DuckDice Birthday Bonus

    DuckDice Birthday Bonus

    Play on DuckDice and click on the emerging eggs to get your bonus!

Bets Bets Bets - Manual, Auto, Flash

Bets Bets Bets - Manual, Auto, Flash

We offer 3 betting modes, manual - where every bet is placed by hand, automated betting - where you configure the game settings and just look [or going to make yourself a nice cup of coffee] how the system automatically places them, and flash betting – a new definition of speed. 100 000 of bets per minute.
Zero hunters, are you here?

More about Betting Modes

High Rollers Bonuses

Yes, we know how it hurts to be down and our support will always consider special bonuses for big players!

Industry Highest Faucets

Industry Highest Faucets

We kid you not! Whilst most sites are dropping free bonuses and shifting towards rakeback-only models DuckDice still pays hundreds of thousands of USD monthly in faucet earnings only.

The record-high withdrawal from Faucet was ~200,000 USD and this is not a joke, it was a verified and paid-out win by one of our players not so long ago. Some people think we are too generous but we believe other market players are too greedy :)



We respect your privacy and provide you with tools to keep anonymous whilst using the site and will keep supporting new features for this purpose.

It's up to you being an anonymous high roller everybody is talking about or a dice superstar who got tens of “Congrats bro!” PMs on every lucky bet

PCI DSS Compliant certificate


We know how to encrypt!
All our servers and databases are encrypted with the highest standard of compliance, and your personal data, as well as your funds, are secure with us. Not a single penny was lost because of hacker attacks.


The full list of your bets is always available for download and verification. DuckDice is a licensed casino strictly following GDPR and a proud member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation. Our roll-generating algorithm was reviewed and certified by scientists as a real thing.

Supported 30+ Сurrencies
Variety of supported Currencies and Payment Methods

Variety of supported Currencies and Payment Methods

On DuckDice we understand that you want your funds in and out as fast as possible with your desired payment provider.

DuckDice natively supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and over 100 altcoins through an exchange provider within the site. Deposits are possible through PayPal, Google pay, Apple pay, bank cards and many more are coming.

Currency Exchange

And you can exchange any supported currency natively inside the game and with the best rates!

Support, Live Chat and Community

Support, Live Chat and Community

Our support is around the clock ready to solve any issue. You will always be talking to a person who knows what he is doing and how to help you, no bot answers. You'll love our support angels.

  • Support can be contacted via email [email protected]
  • Live Chat is available on site
  • And friendly community with Forum and Help Center is always there for you