ETH Dice Game

No real introductions needed, as anyone who has ever heard of cryptocurrency has heard of ethereum, while this coin is relatively “new” compared with giants as bitcoin, it’s one that had the biggest impact in a short amount of time and changed the blockchain sphere forever.

Ethereum was released in 2016 , though a beta version of it was actually released in 2015 under the name of Frontier. So compared to bitcoin who’s been active since 2009 , in the relative short time that ethereum is live it’s performance and growth are outstanding.

While currently Ethereum mining is a proof of work concept, its developers decided to switch to a proof of stake concept in the near future which is gona bring it to new highs, so make sure you get your hands on some Eth an watch how your balance grows just by holding it in your wallet.

Currently it’s ranked number 2 by market capitalization , with many voices believing that at some point it will overtake the goat Bitcoin, but that’s yet to be seen. Though we have to admit, tech wise ethereum opened the gates for a blockchain related industry.

Ethereum is also a gambler’s favorite when it comes to online gambling, the transaction speed being one of the main reasons for that, while the transaction fees are a bit high nowadays we do remember a time when cats weren’t born on the blockchain and you could send a transaction through with literally a few cents.

So if the transaction fee seems high, you can always deposit in another coin and simply exchange to Eth afterwards. So give the Ethereum Dice Game a shot and stock up on some highly sought after Eth.

You can play any of crypto currencies: