LTC Dice Game

Even though it’s price doesn’t reflect it, ltc is still among the most popular and older cryptocurrency out there, it was created in 2011 and litecoin is actually the first altcoin ever made, which was meant to compete with bitcoin as it generates faster blocks, thus a much faster transaction confirmation speed. Being one of the oldies Litecoin has been a people favorite for quite some time in the crypto sphere, used as an investment opportunity but aswell as an option to purchase goods in real life one of the most impressive ones being by an anonymous user buying a Lamborghini worth a few millions and paying with litecoin and that can be seen since it has about 4 times more volume transacted than bitcoin. The coin is still popular even though the founder left it, sold out his bags back in 2017 and some people still hold him responsible for the relatively “low” price compared to other coins, though most people are optimistic about it and most definetly LTC is one of the major performers over time and will continue to grow throughout the years.

So taking into account the long period ltc has been on the market, the low transaction fees aswell as the relatively fast transactions, it makes absolute sense that litecoin is one of the favorites when it comes to crypto gambling aswell. It’s relatively available on any crypto gambling casino and of course here on duckdice, where with a good dice game strategy you could see your litecoin balance increase countless of times, or simply use your free LTC faucets and build up your bags. Good luck!

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