XMR Dice Game

Monero was extremely popular for people who are very particular about their privacy, and pretty much most online casino and dice players are particular about it. The secret coin, Monero has its bad reputation eventually, often the favourite for sites that no search engine can find, but it's a reliable and private coin better than any money stuffed under your mattress; if Ethereum is a ninja, Monero is a beautiful assassin dressed for success, except you, I'll never know it because it's hiding under your sofa. right. now.

Now for your privacy you need to make sure you know what you’re doing, i won't go into it, and it’s all relatively simple but make sure you understand, unlike other coins that you can easily check against explorers and see that money coming into your casino dice game, you will need the actual keys too to see the progress, private and public. I will say one thing, never share your private key with anybody for any reason! But there is however a public key, that is private to you, that you can share (as i say i wont go too much into it it’s a bit confusing and there are much clearer guides)

Most of that won't matter, it’s a highly reliable coin for the most part, but the problem you might find for your dice game is finding exchanges that support it – by its nature most of the main ones won't, however, you’ll find plenty of decentralized exchanges that do. Also, plenty of operations do support it but you might need to dig around a bit.

I mean it’s a fantastic coin, just not always the most practical for your dice game, it also can raise some eyebrows and assumptions, though if you’re a NINJA on DuckDice, who cares? Embrace privacy!

Transaction times are usually pretty reasonable (compared to some) but an aeon compared to others, around 5-20 minutes is an expected time however it can take longer from time to time. So for your casino game it’s not exactly a lightning-fast entry, but sometimes it’s good to take a moment too think before hitting that roll button

So why not take on some XMR (monero) dice today? (i was never here)

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