DAI Dice Game

Although fairly popular choice in online casinos, online cryptocurrency dice and legit eth dice site, we're are still entering a somewhat boring territory. DAI always will be one little beautiful dollar, with reliable data on how it sustains its cool little value; it's nearly like a co-op vs a bank, a tasty little morsel of stored value and nice easy going too. It's ERC-20, making it very expensive (at this moment) but who knows? Fairly popular in the online dice world but not too popular generally. Either way, DAI is here and that's what counts!

So here we are again, another stable coin; a very expensive stable coin, that takes a while to send and costs even more to send. But at the very least you can send it on the ERC-20 chain and manage it across many many wallets that all are in the ETH-sphere. That's why gamblers in polkadot dice might like this coin. Metamask and the others will help you get your DAI dice game to a roaring start in our casino! You will find it widely and usefully across many places meaning you’re never far from loading up some DAI (DAI) Dice and rolling away into the moonshine.

Also just because it’s expensive now, doesn’t mean it will be forever! Gas prices go wild, up and down and soon with proof of stake it’s anybody's game, miners beware! At least you know where you are when you use a stable coin, none of this nonsense of winning a thousand dollars to find it worth 100 the next! Also, DAI stands for…..DAI! Isn’t that magical? I mean I know for a fact I’ve forgotten half the coins.

So get vroom, get a room, get down with DAI, ooooh DAI. How I love how you dice.

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