TRX Dice Game

One can argue TRX (Tron) is what the Stellar XLM wanted to be but on time and sleeker; if XLM was the raptor, TRX is the hive of ants, one sound more impressive than the other? Don't forget insects rule the world, maybe even dice game world, who knows. It is truly a marvel and many coins use its hive. A bit like ants nests though, it's prone to mass hysteria and confusion but knocks it down, it builds right back up. Its little value packs a punch and hey, look at stellar and XRP, might be a good earner, might be a flop, I don't know, just look at these analogies.

In all seriousness though, TRX coin is a little powerhouse; widely adapted and very versatile as a coin bridge, on its little ant hive you can transfer in many other currencies as tokens and get your TRX dice game going on it’s the network in many other flavours. Since it’s also on the smaller side of coins, you can feel very mighty wielding your ant army of TRX in the hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands whilst if you’re being a sensible gambler, not breaking the bank!

It does have some issues, since it’s a little busy centralised hive most of the coins owned and minted are actually with the creators; making it a bit of a centralised nightmare (a little like XRP and XLM but potentially worse). So it won't be listed in places like coinbase which have strict conditions on levels of transparency and centricity to be listed. However, it is still widely adopted across many exchange platforms and is integral to many networks now.

And hey! As long as you can sell it after a long casino session, and transfer it between the many places supporting it, it doesn’t matter that some evil empires of the crypto world don’t support it when there are so many other evil underlings that do! (use of evil is for comical purposes only please don’t destroy us oh crypto overlords).

It’s now also a little bit of a veteran, or middling veteran anyways when it comes to this space, being around for half a decade or more, just like DuckDice! So you can have some faith that this coin is going anywhere any time soon, and its value potential is there to bloom, especially considering so much of it’s privately owned (pump and dump anyone?) So why not consider taking your TRON dice game to another level and smash those odds 10 cents at a time?

You can play any of crypto currencies: