BNB Dice Game

Binance is the exchange of exchanges so it only makes sense it also became the coin of exchanges; it's a powerhouse, an off-grid electric service that can power a city, it's masterful, it's brilliant, it's the future of coins, albeit perhaps dystopian and terrible; but hey! what isn't it these days? Maybe Orwell was right about some things, but we don't think he saw currency itself being your little big brother in your digital pocket to roll some dice; but hey, that's not just BNB, that's all of them, so let's celebrate 1984.

BNB coin is pretty nice to gamble with - its value tends to rocket around a bit, in a downturn? Try some inflation-busting dicing! On the up? Maybe store some profits away for a rainy day. You can also get into the game pretty quickly relying on that dystopian in-house network BEP-20 to get your BNB dice game going on! Now, it wouldn’t be right of any casino to make it sound like the wise option to try to offset your crypto assets with gambling, it’d be damn right irresponsible, but nonetheless, it’s the fun thing to do!

BNB (Binance Coin) is also pretty nice to have some sense of value as you roll, it’s usually within a range that allows you to quickly work out what 0.01 might be worth and we all know dicing in the late-night can make that difficult (if you know what I mean). So it suits the more methodical gambler, than the mad hatter or drunk monkey style of play. Ultimately though, luck is the primary factor!

In a lot of ways, Binance Coin is sort of like the Dr.Doom of the crypto world; it wants total control of the superheroes that occupy it, trying to steal the powers of each coin and combining it in its multi-verse of exchange. By slowly sapping the powers from the fantastic four (bitcoin, ripple, Ethereum and Tron) let alone all the other heroes in this universe it has built not only a doomsday weapon but a pretty nifty and now integrated everywhere platform.

However this might be one of Binance Coin’s weaknesses; its fate though not absolutely bound to since it’s fair to say its value is primarily driven by the antics of this power-hungry superexchange (don’t get me wrong, these are just comical analogies, they’re not that bad really). But in there lies

one point, that crypto is always a gamble, which is why dice goes so beautifully alongside! So hedge your bets, set your limits, be responsible, and have some fun :)

You can play any of crypto currencies: