XRP Dice Game

Number 1 favourite amongst dice gamers. Ripple is centralized goodness, it's so fast like tron dice game, like a lightning bolt for your casino fun, its holding fee seems steep, but a reliable XRP coin wallet in your portfolio means you're always ready to get into the fight at a moment's notice. If you want to join in on the XRP dice madness do not worry!

You won't need a holding fee on-site, though without your own personal ripple wallet you’ll have to make use of the destination tag feature. It’s sort of like naming bus stops along the same line, if you want your ripple to reach your dice game, make sure you list the correct stop! You’ll also note its value is pretty exciting, it’s forever rumoured to be one to watch and has reached some great heights considering its vastly huge supply. And that's why gamblers in eth dice like him too. As well due to its purpose is likely not to bottom out, unlike other coins.

You also have to admit it has one of the best-looking logos, like a little fidget spinner, the value of them, if you get a tiny handful, you’ll be able to buy one of your very own! The value of XRP is particularly nice for gamblers, (ignoring stable coins) where the value is always fairly easy to calculate on the fly, some coins are easy to get lost with!

It’s also one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, it began all the way back in 2012! So although not the very first, it wasn’t long out of the gate and since it uses a centralized model it’s been able to adapt and build out a very sophisticated infrastructure and if it ever finds itself wanting, it’s only a few updates away from keeping up with the rest of the industry.

It can be thought to be a little controversial, it uses proof-of-consensus instead of proof-of-work to validate the transactions; it means that basically the control and power over XRP is with the creators of ripple (albeit technically) as they get to approve the servers on the network that validate the transactions; it means it’s not really a ‘true’ cryptocurrency and gives the creators a lot more control over the coin unlike other currencies that once out in the wild, rule their own lives. You can say it’s like the lawyer cousin in a family of beatniks, it doesn’t forget its origins but at the same time, isn’t particularly welcome at the family dinner.

Some people hate it, its aim is firmly on the banking sector, and we all know what you call a banker (it begins with w) but you can't deny it's a huge success story and will keep delivering, right in time, no questions asked, no matter the scale...like an evil empire…

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