EOS Dice Game

Eos started out in 2017 where the developers raised through an whooping 4,000,000,000 US dollars, Eos was born out of the need of a platform where individuals or businesses can create , run and manage applications or dApps. Sounds familiar? Well that’s because it is, Eos was mostly created with the purpose to outperform Eth , where Ethereum can perform about 16 transactions per second the purpose for Eos is to be able to support up to houndreds of thousands of transaction per second , though at this point it’s still something they’ve yet to accomplish. Though speed related currently Eos is very fast , a lot faster than ethereum , though it remains to be seen if these transaction speeds can be maintained once or if it reaches ethereum traffic levels. While for some EOS is considered as a highly good investment , bet we all wish we could’ve bought Ethereum at 2 $ , others are highly keen on developing apps, blockchain games , dApps and smart contracts on one of the most promising new blockchains out there. Though they’ve had their fair share of difficulties, as per example in 2019 they were fined by U.S. Security and Exchange Commision about 24 million $ for failing to register their ICO , it seems EOS and Block the company behind them are here to stay.

Currently EOS is purchasable on all major exchanges and it has become a gambler’s favorite aswell due to it’s high speed transactions and low price.

So why not load up on some Eos and try your favorite dice strategy. Good luck!

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