DOT Dice Game

A relatively fresh addition to our dice coins family. It's the blockchain that aims to deliver....blockchains! It's a versatile coin, if Etherium is a ninja, this is like having your own mini-robot ninja you can command with far more grace and ease than the old way of creating your own tokens — just a little store? want a token? have a token! Want to trade pokemon cards with pretend values? have a token! Want to play monopoly? have a token! It sounds versatile and useful, we'll see how it turns out in the eco-sphere.

However that’s not to say the actual core blockchain offering DOT (Polkadot) hasn’t got its own value and own utility in its own right; built on an impressive level of technology you can always transact in good time both the actual core token, as well the additional tokens that are built upon in it in record quick time. For your casino dice game, it’s a good one, the value is pretty steadily rising, at least at the time of writing, so you can dip in and out of profits from holding it.

More importantly again it’s becoming more and more wildly supported across exchanges and wallets allowing for easy transfer in and out of your (hopeful) dice wealth. There are also a wide array of staking and token adoption offerings to seek out in the wild that all help eek a bit more bang for the buck between dice sessions.

You may also be keen to know they have an eco focus too, let’s face it a lot of these dinosaur tokens are not exactly helping the planet and though you can argue all digital currency is wasteful when it comes to having to run large mining operations of server farms too support their networks there’s a big difference in how wisely they use that energy, some cryptos are gas-guzzling tanks when all they do is the school-run and some are Netherlands style cycling bikes getting your whole family across the country with efficient pedal power.

So why not give Polkadot (DOT) a ride down to your local dice casino today and see what you can do with this versatile ninja robot eco cyclist! (Yes maybe we’re over doing these metaphors).

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