ADA Dice Game

The hype coin was naturally loved by dice game players. Cardano, the buzzword we all want to see succeed - its ambition is to be a bit of everything if Ethereum spent too long in a philosophy class, ADA spent too long at Hogwarts, it's no Hagrid though, but we'll eventually see what house it belongs too, I’m hoping it's a Hufflepuff, hard-working and not boastful, I don't trust Ravenclaws and I certainly think Gryffindors are a bit up themselves. But it truly does have some magical promises and we don't know where we'll end up.

The main goal of ADA is to be a much greener technology compared to the big boys like ETH and BTC whilst still offering all the functionality and it’s certainly living up to its promise only using an incredible 6 gigawatts of energy a year (OK that still sounds like a lot but when you compare that to BTC’s 91 terra-watts, you can see where we’re going with this. However, most of this doesn’t really bother you when you’re just after a quick casino run so pay attention to the next paragraph.

So let’s ask what Cardano really brings to the table for you? Well quick transaction times for one! Usually, within moments (up to minutes) you will have your transfer and at a pretty reasonable fee too, there are also a lot of staking options built into wallets and exchanges these days involving Cardano, basically awarding for you holding some of it, so you can create some pretty nice recreational profits from dipping in and out of a holding of ADA and combine it with your beautiful dice game.

Most exchange and multi-currency wallets support it allowing easy in and out of your casino crypto adventures, as well as usually no additional exchange fees except the standard rate for it. Including on-site whilst playing your dice.

There is also a bit of rivalry with this Coin considering that it was originally one of the creators of ETH who turned coat and began this venture, and considering the prestige, ETH has landed you can assume that ADA will only continue to grow.

You can play any of crypto currencies: