BCH Dice Game

Did someone say bitcoin? Well kind of, bitcoin cash also known as BCH started out as an idea to “improve” Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision by increasing the the block size of regular bitcoin thus allowing more transactions to be mined in a single block. Bitcoin forked in august 2017, giving life to BCH. While there are still miners that firmly believe BCH is following Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision, the coin didn’t even come close to bitcoin’s market value, so I suppose the rest of the world decided that BTC is following satoshi’s vision. On the bright side, if you held any bitcoins at the time of the fork, you would have received the equivalent of BCH in your wallet, which was trading at that time at about 0.5 BTC per BCH , though it went down hard afterwards , so check your old dusty btc wallets, maybe you have some bch collecting dust there and are waiting for you to try out your bch dice game strategy and multiply them. It’s worth mentioning that the controversies around BCH caused it to fork into yet another coin called BSV, but we’ll not get into that anymore, as the controversy around it is bigger than the moon landing. Here at duckdice we’ve support all visions and ideas, so of course Bitcoin Cash had a home here aswell, though not as popular as it’s father Bitcoin, it’s still a somewhat preffered coin by our gambler community when it comes to dice games. So go ahead and give it a go, make a bch deposit and see where lady luck takes you, or try your bch faucet skills or even yet, when it’s that lucky bch week and a certain ducky rains every few hours some BCH into your wallet.

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