USDC Dice Game

Stable coins are always a good choice for ethereum dice games to those who like to hodl other cryptocurrencies. And of all coins, this little circle USD COIN is exactly what it says it is! Another store of value, if USDT is like hiding it under your mattress this is like burying it in your backyard, reliable mechanisms for value hold, and possibly a much better alternative! Its technology is a bit dated, but that's the beauty of money that updates itself, copper lost a bit of shine? It brings its own coke to fizz in!

Now unlike the other titans on the block, this one is a bit more focused in on actually delivering on its promises; USDT you see is famously not fully backed, unlike USDC which promises transparent books; for every USDC in circulation, there is a dollar actually underpinning it. Or at least so they say, I mean hey, we’ve been in this crypto insanity for a while and not all promises are what they seem. But hey, we’re a casino and don’t need to worry too much about the bigger picture as long as you can smack your circle USD coin straight into the zec dice or another dice game and take it out again! What else do you need?

Now for your USDC dice game, you’ll find that it’s relatively quick despite its old tech; you’ll be in and out of a game with relative ease, being able to count the schmeckles as you go. Though I always have Rick being more of a Shiba INU guy, not because it’s a good coin, just for the irony. I can imagine Morty would use just BTC but I don’t know I’m drifting off, what coin? Ah yes, USDC (Circle USD) is the only coin you need for your dice game!

You can play any of crypto currencies: