SHIB Dice Game

It's a dog. Sounds familiar? Well, here we are again, something that was joked on as just an opportunist coin in the shadow of 2021 Doge hype that actually became a rather self-sustainable coin. Unlike Doge, there's nothing actually unique technology-wise, it's just an ETH token. It actually made millions rich and of course millions more in poverty, it's hit headlines, made fun of, spat on, and adopted, it has literally no intrinsic value except a name. Why does it exist? Because doge did it first! And everyone like dogs.

Now it doesn’t mean to say it’s not got some value for your dice casino game, Shiba Inu can actually be quite a useful coin — the value per shib coin is so relatively low, it psychologically feels very different to roll with, instead of low balling in satoshi’s, you are pushing thousands of these coins a time a bet, sometimes millions or hundreds of millions (if you are that kind of whale). For some it can be a bit too daunting, we’d always encourage people to have some idea of what they’re betting and try to come up with relatively ‘sound’ strategies, but sometimes dumb luck and ignorance is all you need, especially in dice. This is exactly the kind of coin you need if you’d rather lose yourself to the game than the amounts you’re winning or losing because it’s just difficult to account for.

Now saying that it’s a very costly coin to make transactions with if you use it’s the native network (ERC-20) both in terms of dollar amounts but also in terms of raw % of Shiba Inu you will need to send to miners just to proceed with the transaction. Because of that many best eth dice sites do not offers games with this token. Thankfully there is a solution, if you have a wallet that supports BEP-20 transactions like in usdt dice, you can send them very cheaply and quickly using this transport with DuckDice. You just have to be careful, the address type for BEP-20 is the same as ERC-20 but it does NOT mean you can send them interchangeably — it’s nearly a sure way to lose funds if you don’t get your address type correct.

So who knows? This coin seems like a bit of a joke but then doge in the early days was very much the same, many people who dropped their doge bags early were very sad to see some of the most unprecedented price rises in any crypto market and it’s a lot of fun to play with! I mean this is crypto, and gambling all at once; so always ensure you’re only investing and playing with money you can afford to lose and in a lot of ways, Shiba Inu can be considered one of the riskiest investments; but isn’t that part of the excitement? So why not try some shib dice?

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