BTTC Dice Game

Ideas behind the BitTorrent Token are great but for dice players and generally casino players, this is even greater, and you could find it on eth dice site. It's little value means you can be playing with hundreds of thousands of these little guys, each one a little potential explosion of joy, will it take over the torrent world? or will it get washed down in the flood. Its use case is a bit daft, its adopters small, its technical prowess is not its own, but seeders deserve recognition and you must admire its ambition. Reliable little TRX backed guy!

Now this one has gone through a re-work, the old BTT now conveniently called BTT (old) is no longer much supported out in the world. Welcome to BTTC! It’s all a little confusing why the change but the old one supported TRC-10 and now we welcome it on TRC-20. The supply has also ten folded on us since the introduction was last written so think instead of hundreds of thousands, now tens of millions of little explosions of joy that hopefully won't leave the same mess to clean up.

Because it’s backed by the TRON chain too it’s very fast, just like tether dice, to get in and out with your BTTC dice game, you’ll be rocking the casino in no time, though please note transaction times can take a little while with our payment provider too actually process. It’s a great little coin, with a real purpose, i mean who doesn’t like pirated goods? There’s very little reason not to rock up with your BitTorrent Token Dice game.

It also has some growth potential while you stack up against your little explosions of joy; just pardon the imagery.

You can play any of crypto currencies: