ZEN Dice Game

This is trying to be the impregnable bunker of crypto for all dice and the world; all blockchains have some vulnerabilities (albeit very difficult ones to overcome). This coin promises to be far more secure, and private whilst still relatively flexible for side-chains than its competitors. But we do hope it digs deep, meaning, what's the point of crypto if it's not secure, and what's the point of promising to be the most secure crypto if it doesn't really step it up? Hoping for booby traps and curses; Indiana Jones style.

Now with great impregnability comes great irresponsibility (at least in some people's mind) because they do rely heavily on ASIC based mining function; meaning that you can’t just easily get into the game of supporting the ZEN blockchain, you’ll need to fork out on a lot of expensive and environmentally awful single-use computers called ASICs. However, this is a small price to pay if it’s going to see in future quantum-proof algorithms for all blockchains to adapt their technologies using this as a framework.

Little of this matters when it comes to your ZEN dice game however, you really care whether you can get in and out of the crypto casino quickly. Again it’s not the super fastest, most places usually like a few confirmations when it comes to this coin, the actual first confirmation comes through in a few minutes but you might be waiting around 30 mins until you can actually use it. It’s wildly adopted across the crypto-verse however and got a rock-solid price, so it’s a great one to play some Horizen dice with.

You can play any of crypto currencies: