AVAX Dice Game

AVAX (Avalanche) Like FTM has its aim is to be powerful AND green – using a hybrid decentralization model which allows low-powered, old hardware to act as validators — good for the recycle bin as well as the electric bill.

It’s the natural evolution of this technology if Bitcoin were Professor X, these new cryptos are joining his school and showing him just how powerful mutant crypto can be, they manage all the good DAPP stuff that most of us don’t really understand, but are beginning to use every day and at the beauty of being able to run on a potato.

Now i’m massively in favour of using old technology to validate (another way of saying mining if it was decentralised). But what does it really mean to use AVAX in your dice game? Well, it’s pretty damn quick, quicker than solana dice, it’s got some of the utility of Ethereum (our old ninja buddy) but where ETH can validate about 15 transactions a second, AVAX can handle thousands. So that means you’re in and out of the casino playing AVAXdice faster than a…..avalanche!

It’s also again, like all DuckDice’s offerings, becoming widely supported, we try to aim for the coins with the most versatility, liquidity and exchangeability across the crypto-verse so it’s no surprise there! Dogecoin dice game proves it. So Avalanche dicing seems to be a smart move, also a theme is showing here; the value is growing steadily and is in that sort of tipping point where we could see some of these newcomers overtaking the old favourites like dare I say Litecoin, that is slow too adapt to this new world considering the antiquated technology they are built on and sometimes reluctant to update from.

It seems to me AVAX (Avalanche) might be a very good choice for your crypto dice casino needs.

You can play any of crypto currencies: