NEAR Dice Game

NEAR is trying to be a user friendly, cheap alternative to things like Etherium, offering addresses you can actually remember and not rely on copy and paste, as well as bridging the gap between developers, creators, and users of the crypto a lot closer; it’s the particular focus is on things like NFT’s and tron dice game. It’s a smart little project adapting already existing blockchain technology from the ground up to provide better scalability and cheaper sending.

It’s sort of like the younger brother with a point to prove, hitting the gym and the books whilst coins like Bitcoin paved the way, got a bit lazy along the way and are living off its profits while smoking pot in the attic, coins like NEAR are going to college and will earn those millions.

Now I don’t know about you but when I play my casino dice game I absolutely hate the fear coupled with the dopamine rush of sending a coin and not being absolutely certain I didn’t mess up the address. So this sounds like a fantastic solution, NEAR dice sounds like the way to go, especially on those …um….late-night sessions if you

know what I mean…

Now transactions times using NEAR to play some NEAR dice, like time before in tether dice, are smooth, and its ever-expanding adoption is making it easier and easier to get in and out of the casino. You also have to remember a lot of these new and upcoming coins that already have some established value, might leapfrog the older generations, so it might be just the time to buy some new NEAR, gamble it up and stack those profits! (in a youtube voice: this is not financial advise, nor should you listen to your crypto casino for advice about how too profit financially, gambling at your own risk) **read at 10 speed**

So why not try NEAR today?

You can play any of crypto currencies: