SOL Dice Game

Solana (SOL) is like ETH’s end game; it’s proof of stake from the get-go and has more tricks than doctor strange - aimed to be decentralized and support DAPP’s – it has little to do with the Peruvian currency so don’t get confused when you google it! It’s a quiet newcomer which has seen its value grow nearly exponentially from birth and is blisteringly fast, with 50,000 transactions a second it can support! So it’s not just doctored strange it has a bit of the flash built-in.

Now just to put some perspective on things, ETH the master class ninja and absolute power house of a coin can handle only 15 transactions a second, and this is meant to be a platform designed around running DAPPs and all sorts of auxiliary action. So you can see why competitors like Solana come into play!

For your Solana dice game, you can expect super speedy delivery times; literally seconds, just like money should be; with many other crypto you could buy your pizza, eat your pizza, go to sleep, …excrete… your pizza, and still, be waiting on the confirmation that you paid! So you can see why a coin like this might be a casino favourite.

SOL dice is pretty fun too, it’s been outperforming litecoin for some time and might just keep our old favourites suppressed in the price for a very long time to come. These newcomers surely know how to compete! But in Solana dice as of 2022 you can expect around 100-150 a coin so you know where you’re at when betting with it, you can feel pretty balling with just half a coin, but imagine winning a few dozen?

Give SOL a go today!

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