Decoy Token Dice Game

There’s a new player in town for our Crypto dice game, in our tron gamble world, and that’s Decoy Token! Our casinos launching our very own utility token, simply, the more Decoy you have, the more you can earn from the 3% profit share between both casinos! It might not be as super fancy as other crypto but for players of our casino, it is the perfect match and will be a base for many promotions to come. After all, who doesn’t want a slice of that house profit?

The token itself is made on the BSC BEP-20 chain so you can count on it being reliable and fast to transact with and all the contract details are clear for all to see. One of the key bits is that there are only 10 billion tokens.

As a little history, we jokingly released an internal token called ‘Duck Toilet Paper’ during the covid-19 lockdowns where suddenly toilet paper was in very short supply, it was quite amusing and whilst everybody suddenly had a lot more time to be online we felt it important to provide some feel-good jokes. However it sparked an interest in what a real token would look like, and slowly but surely a plan formed.

If you’re wondering, why Decoy? There’s a traditional hunting whistle used to lure ducks out into the open, this is called 'The Decoy Duck Whistle’ and of course, due to our love of all things duck (let’s not mention the corkscrew though please), we felt the name was a perfect fit.

So, are you ready to evolve your Decoy Dice Game with us or you will try the sol dice instead? Will you be the one to hold it all? It’s time for our players to get their share!

You can play any of crypto currencies: