Match Numbers Reward
5 numbers + Jackpot ball
5 numbers
$3,000 + 100 tickets
4 numbers
$20 + 20 tickets
3 numbers
$1 + 1 ticket
2 numbers
1 ticket
no numbers
1 ticket
  1. DuckDice Lottery runs every Monday at 15:00 UTC. Tickets sale stops at 14:50 UTC. The lottery draw runs at 15:00 UTC.
  2. Ducklings can buy an unlimited quantity of tickets choosing numbers manually or automatically using random generation.
  3. After the lottery draw prizes will be credited directly on balances in the BTC. Bonus tickets must be claimed within 3 days or they'll expire.
  4. To win a prize your ticket Numbers must match the drawn Numbers in any winning combination.
  5. To Win Jackpot all 5 Standard Numbers from your ticket must match all 5 Standard Numbers from the draw despite the order AND the last number in your ticket - Jackpot Ball must match the last Jackpot Ball from the draw.
  6. Jackpot is always $100,000.
  7. If there are 2 and more ducklings winning Jackpot they share the amount.
  8. Tickets cannot be purchased with Faucet funds.