Match Numbers Reward
5 numbers + Jackpot ball
5 numbers
$3,000 + 100 tickets
4 numbers
$20 + 20 tickets
3 numbers
$1 + 1 ticket
2 numbers
1 ticket
no numbers
1 ticket
  1. To participate in the Lottery, you should buy tickets no later than 14:50 UTC on the day of the draw.
  2. We do not allow purchasing tickets for Faucet funds.
  3. The Lottery begins at 15:00 UTC each Monday.
  4. DuckDice rules don’t limit you in terms of how many tickets you can buy. Our ducklings also can select tickets numbers manually or automatically.
  5. How to become a winner? For this, the number on your ticket should match the winning numbers.
  6. If you are a winner, check your balance – your prize is converted to BTC and will be already credited. Also hurry up to check if you won a bonus tickets as you have only 3 days to do so.
  7. How to win a Jackpot of $100,000? There are two conditions that must be met simultaneously. First, ensure that the last number in your ticket matches the last number from the draw. Second, each of the 5 standard numbers in your ticket should match 5 draw’s standard numbers.
  8. In case you are not the only Jackpot winner, we will split the prize in two (or more depending on the number of winners) equal parts.