ENA Dice Game

Welcome Ethena to your crypto gambling experience, Crypto dice never seemed so cool now we welcome the new token ‘ENA’ and it’s delta-hedging capabilities to your casino game. It’s the mother coin to USDe the hottest new addition to the stable coin market, using funky investment gateways too ensure the stability of USDe to the dollar.

It’s a proof of stake coin that utilises it’s bigger cousin ETH (Ethereum) as collateral and turns everybody holding ENA into a hedge manager, it also boasts yields for merely holding the coin that surpasses many other offerings, at-least at the time of writing.

Now we know ETH is a bit like the Borg from Star Trek, assimilating into all our lives and some say ruining the crypto space, we say, do not worry; play some gambling dice! Will ENA make you rich? Well certainly with some luck in the casino, though we do think there’s some potential in holding it, we also, for some strange reason heavily recommend you try your luck with betting with it too.

Is that what a hedge manager does? Well certainly! Diversify your holdings of ENA by depositing lots of it to our DuckDice crypto casino today and with some luck, you might still leave with some!

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