BTC Dice Game

The king, the one and only, the start to a financial revolution, Bitcoin was created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto who we’re pretty sure had no idea at the time that he’ll single- handedly revolutionize the financial sphere. While in the early days you could mine hundreds of bitcoin in a single day using your own computer nowadays mining Bitcoin is more or less an industrial level operation where huge corporations are behind most of the BTC mined in a single block. Bitcoin is mined by solving complex cryptographic hash algorithms to verify blocks of transaction that are included on a worldwide network known as the blockchain.

One of the earliest incident where bitcoin was used as a means of trade was back in 2010 when one early adopter paid 10000 bitcoins to have two pizzas delivered to his door, That would be roughly a few hundred million dollars nowadays.

Throughout the years different people have tried to “improve” the concept behind bitcoin, and with the support of miners, they’ve managed to fork the bitcoin blockchain creating copies of it , most well-known ones being BSV and BCH though all of them falling short to bitcoin’s popularity and price.

Nowadays Bitcoin has become recognized worldwide and is being in transactions from as small as buying a cup of coffee, to purchasing a house by paying in bitcoin. Back in September 2021 a Central American nation became the first one to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender thus paving the way for an even greater worldwide adoption than it already had.

Bitcoin dice games are around for a long time, and we’re proud to be one of the old ones, so why not give it a go, deposit some bitcoins and try your luck!

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