MATIC Dice Game

MATIC (polygon) is like ETH’s little sidekick, it uses side chain magic to give batman (eth) an easier time by handling ETH transactions in a much cheaper way. It also is its own stand-alone token, but basically, its aim is to bridge between crypto’s and allow faster and cheaper transactions of tokenized versions of those crypto’s, which you can then exchange back to the ‘proper’ version on certain exchanges and wallets. It’s not super exciting, but options are options and if I have to rely on robin to get the job done, I’m happy to have him look camp in the background.

Now that being said, for your dice game like ada game, it’s a massively versatile coin for use between exchanges and wallets and has its own good value in itself. It’s also a lightning-quick way of sending. It’s got a lot of potentials to gain a few dollars as well, so it’s a good one to build up early and hope for the best!

Now there are plenty of alternatives like MATIC which already exist but what makes this particularly interesting is its sole function is to act like a bridge, rather than an afterthought or side functionality.

For your polygon dice game it’s nice and easy to count (for the moment) with a value of around 1-2 dollars, meaning everyone you stack you know roughly where you are unlike those very confusing coins where you can have millions and have barely enough to buy icecream or those ones that are so large in value you have a fraction of decimal and are able to buy an ice-cream van. For gambling eth purposes knowing exactly how much you’ve just bet with MATIC dice will be very helpful!

So what’s stopping your Polygon dice game today?

You can play any of crypto currencies: