FTM Dice Game

FTM (Fantom) trying to be good solid crypto with smart contract, cross bridge, and all the magical stuff but also trying to be captain planet while it does it! It’s no joke that crypto technology is adding millions of tonnes of extra emissions, so any solution aimed at being energy efficient is very welcomed.

It delivers on this by claiming to use the energy of just one average American household, (OK that bar is pretty high as the biggest consumers of electricity in the world) however if you can run powerful crypto on that little energy it gives some hope for a greener future, and us, being the home of cute ducks that gamble, welcome this.

To be clear this is such an eco win, allowing you to feel like an eco-warrior while you play your Fantom dice. Bitcoin uses the same amount of energy as Finland, (an entire country!!) vs just one household? Now, who knows whether it was used as wildly as how much energy FTM might use while you load it into a casino however you can be sure it won't even be a fraction of what some of these old dinosaur crypto’s use.

For your dice game, transaction times can be a bit slow with this one, perhaps a few minutes; but again when compared to some of the dinosaurs of the crypto-verse, this really isn’t a significant amount of time, you’ll be in your FTM dice game in absolutely no time at all. Its value is also in a very nice spot, steadily rising and rumoured to be one to watch for the years to come, we’ll just have to see unless the sea rises get us first… (god damnit bitcoin lower your carbon footprint)

FANTOM dice might be where it’s at, I’m certainly intrigued by this one – are you holding some? Fancy a whirl?

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