BUSD Dice Game

Stable coins are always a good choice for dice to those who like to hodl other cryptocurrencies. And BUSD is yet another stable coin! Wow so many, but this one has the advantage of being backed by the almighty Binance, and has a handy little thing like U.S regulation; it's like the new kid stealing all the hard work of its elders and showing off. Or Facebook to the others myspace. However it's also a pain, you can't convert it easily in some wallets. Always remember to hold wallets with your own keys, your own keys!

Now with that in mind if your main go too is Binance anyways too handle your coins it’s a pretty quick and easy way to hold your value in your BUSD dice game, you can be rocking that Binance Dollar Coin in any casino and be away rocking at exact precision bets; none of this weird accounting and price fluctuations (actually quite useful to gamblers). It’s very easy to get lost in crypto land especially as you’re making the bet the price changes on you, at least you always know where you are and what you have to spare. Always remember, gamble sensibly!

You can also expect rather quick transaction times using Binances BEP-20 chain so you’re never far from the Binance USD dice game fight. Just try to hold your nose at the stench of rolling along with the evil empires for the duration, i mean hey, crypto’s going big time we can’t whine too much that the big players want some of the pie!

And, always remember, where you can — exchange to a wallet, where you own the keys, YOUR OWN KEYS.

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