BTG Dice Game

A great option for online dice lovers. Bitcoin Gold just wants to be what Bitcoin was — access for all, GPU's and spare time not lots of dimes and warehouses, store the value, store the purity, fight the ASICs! It has a hard time but it sure does shine, if at least only in the mind, it is at least trying to have a very ethical and attractive philosophy. We think we all long for the days we could mine on our phones and then roll some dice. We don't think we'll see that ever again, or at least any time soon, but at least somebody’s trying!

I mean this goal may not marry to reality, Bitcoin Gold is hardly worth mining and the battle against ASICs is pretty endless, some say even an impossible fight. But what does it mean for your dice game?

You can tare your hair out wondering about it too much, some say the value is likely to grow to 3x current value, some will say it’s going to die a death; what really matters when you’re on a casino is transaction times and can you sell once you’ve used it to gamble with? The answer is yes! Or at least at the time of writing, for many years it’s been a popular mainstay across exchanges, its transaction times are pretty reasonable too (within 30 mins usually) so you’re always not far from the Bitcoin Gold Dice fight!

When using BTG for your game you can feel some good feeling that you might be supporting a coin actually trying to keep the game in the hands of the people, but i wouldn’t really buy that too much. We’ve seen many caped crusaders turn evil, or, perhaps like an aqua man of comics old, a bit of a comical attempt at being a superhero. Thank god the DC films have hired that hunk of a man Jason Mamao…..oh he’s so hunky…..ok I'm getting distracted, we’re talking about dice!

So what do you need for BTG dice? Well literally the vast majority of hardware wallets, exchanges, multi-currency wallets and casinos all support it so you should never have issues offloading, you can get in the game and most importantly out of the game in good time. So why not try some BTG Coin?

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