Sports Betting

2 min read

Flexible and customer-centric sports betting is now available on DuckDice for all users! 

Here are some numbers: 

  • 100+ sports 
  • 15,000+ international leagues 
  • 50,000+ pre-match monthly events
  • 100,000+ real live monthly events 

Bet in any cryptocurrency from your balance and we will convert it to the USD on a go. 

The wide range of matches that will attract and engage together with a handy algorithm that forecasts and gives you some recommendations for events you might be interested in - hope you will love it. This is the first non-dice type of betting on DuckDice and we are thrilled about it. We hope that integration will be seamless enough for you to enjoy both our original advanced dice and numerous sports betting possibilities. 

Somethings to know before you try 

Sports Betting is provided by 3rd party provider and conveniently integrated into the DuckDice interface. Over 90,000 monthly live events and 40,000 monthly pre-match events in over 100 sports are accessible for your bets. Any cryptocurrency or fiat balances can be used to place bets, but all bets will be converted to USD. The exchange rate will be fixed at the time of making a bet. You can participate in as many events as you can with a minimum bet of 0.1 USD. DD Club bonuses - Rakeback, Hot Friday, and Duck's 7th and affiliate programs are available while betting in Sports. 

More bonuses will be added. Please give us your feedback!