Crypto, gambling, and mental health

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Crypto, gambling, and mental health 

Firstly, I want to make it clear, that gambling should always be fun, if you’re finding you’re seeking advice on how to help with your gambling it shouldn’t be from a casino or a worker of a casino. In most countries, there is official help and support, and more importantly, as cliche as it is, the key bit is ‘’when the fun stops, stop’’. That said, I am more than happy to share some experiences and some self-help techniques I try my best to deploy. 

However, there are so many challenges for the modern crypto gambling person to deal with. Constant price changes, the infamous fear of missing out, the seemingly endless spray from rains and tips just for being active - binance usd gambling is not stable. Fighting the urge to ask a friend for some more to play with, fighting the frustration of being asked. The feeling you should hold onto a win and ride the crypto waves, whilst that being a gamble in and of itself as well as a constant temptation to bring it back to the casino.

So I am going to try to condense some major steps that help me navigate this insanity. Budgeting, and bankroll management You don’t put more in than what you can’t afford, even if you are broke and can only afford a sandwich, buy the sandwich. Gambling is never a guarantee, a bill paid, food in the stomach, and a debt paid is always much more important than the possibility of winning. When you win any amount that is considered withdrawable or more, you stop! and think, what can this money do for me right now? Are you short of anything? Is there anything, that could even be a new console game, that you’ve been wanting for a long time, use your wins before you lose them. Put some money aside after a decent win. 

Look after yourself Gambling, after hours in eos game online, is terribly fun, but it also wildly plays tricks with your brain through the constant surges of dopamine. Resetting yourself regularly is incredibly important, lost a lot? Go for a walk. Won some? Go for a walk. (replace walk with whatever activity is best suited now, i mean if you have a partner, i’m sure he or she will be very glad for a particular activity ;)..... like a good talk of noodles, the most important thing is to get away from the computer or mobile for at least a good hour sometimes, into an activity where you stop thinking about gambling). 

All things in moderation; if you’ve been under the influence for some time and still at the computer; maybe time to at least go off, and watch a film and try too reset yourself back too normal once in a while and take stock of what you are doing. Getting frustrated? STOP. Alternatives for your gambling wins and bankroll Pace out yourself; on a long night session? Know you’re good for it? Just enjoying yourself? Still, take a regular break. 

There are a tonne of services that offer gift cards for crypto, see if they are applicable for your country; buy yourself that pizza Take stock of the people around you, you’re tipping some guy from 2000 miles away 50 bucks, maybe there’s someone closer to home who’d really appreciate some flowers right now? Buy things for yourself too. 

Gambling wins aren’t all high scores. This could continue for a very long time, but the most important aspect of all this, is gambling, is meant to be fun. If it’s stopped being fun, and the only possible way you think it’ll be fun is if you just ‘won’ after your 80th deposit and nothing seems to be working, you are only perpetuating the problem. Just take some time. That said, I’ll be writing another article about the actual pros and goods i think gambling can help with in a future article, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, but your mental health is very important and gambling is a powerful tool of beautiful havoc.