Happy 7th Birthday

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Fantastic News! DuckDice is turning 7, and we're throwing a birthday bash on November 23 like never before! 🎉

Save the Date: 23/11, 0:00:00 to 23:59:59 UTC.

Get ready for a celebration with bonuses that'll make your excited! 🦆🎁 Here's the lowdown on the party favors:

100,000 Decoy Airdrop

Freebies, anyone? 🚀 Dive into our Airdrop by following us on Telegram and Discord, plus a dash of wagering action. It's as easy as it sounds! More Decoy for Staking!

100,000 Decoy Airdrop

Boosted DuckHunt Game

DuckHunt fans, rejoice! We're amping up the fun with 6 times more ducks waddling through the chat. Hit 'em, and watch your balance go us! Free prizes await every skilled marksman.

Boosted DuckHunt Game

Special Boosters. Code: DD777BD

Gear up for victory! Unleash boosted weapons and supercharged kicks – because why settle for ordinary when you can go berserk with boosters! Dominate DuckHunt like never before.


100% Deposit Bonus

Your deposits just got a major upgrade! Double your fun with a 100% Deposit Bonus, complete with a favorable wagering coefficient and a great max profit. It's the best kick for your buck!

Deposit Bonus

$1,500 + 100,000 Decoy Sniper Races

Aim for greatness in our Sniper Race! We're giving away a cool $1500 and 100,000 Decoy Tokens in a prize pool fit for champions. Hit the mark and claim your share – there are 50 winners, so get those sights locked in!

$1,500 Sniper Race

+10% Daily Rakeback

We're boosting your earnings with an additional 10% Daily Rakeback for a whole week! Grab those wins like a boss! The claim will be available throughout the entire event, so make the most of this opportunity.

+10% Daily Rakeback

Get ready to quack up the fun on our 7th birthday! Mark your calendars, follow the trail of ducks, and let the celebration begin! 🎈🦆🎂

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