DuckDice's 6th Birthday

2 min read

Celebrate with our week long promotion menu! 

Bonus 1: +10% Daily Rakeback!

Let's start with what Rakeback is. Rakeback is money-back from the House Edge charged from a player by DuckDice. Whenever you place a bet, DuckDice withholds a commission, this is 1% for the Main Mode. So Rakeback is essentially a cashback from this commission. Simply, you will get a money-back from every bet you place on DuckDice, both for won and lost bets. Depending on your level you can get up to 10% of the House Edge on wagered amount. 

What is this +10% Daily Rakeback Offer? 
Since we want to make an appealing bonus for our birthday, we offer you to forfeit the Faucets and try something new and what we think is better – a higher Rakeback percentage. The duration for this offer is until November 20. During this offer, Faucet mode will be locked and no Faucet can be claimed, but for all the wagers in Main Mode and Deposit Bonus Mode, Rakeback will be increased by 10% percent on top of your regular level rate. Note that the offer only applies to the Rakeback bonus, Hot Friday and Duck's 7th are not increased in the scope of this offer. And don't forget, you can not cancel the offer after agreeing to it, so if you absolutely love your faucets, move to the second bonus. 

Bonus 2: $500 Sniper races 

Let's start with what is Sniper Race. Sniper Race is a our bonus game where you have to gamble against your peers to win prizes. Birthday Sniper Races are limited to 2 hours only with $500 Prize Pool. 

How and when to Join?
From November 14 until November 20 at 8 PM UTC time, navigate to the Sniper sidebar and hit join and when the time comes - roll, roll, roll. The race has Target Rolls from 0 to 100 and you need to hit it with any bet. The more hits and the higher the bet amount the more likely to win the Race. 
For the Race win, we only count the total bet amount from bets you've hit Target Rolls. 

Future Bonuses and Promotions We hope you will like it. Waiting for your feedback!