Blockchain games, Crypto kitties and NFTs

2 min read

Blockchain games  have been around almost as long as the blockchain itself, while some might consider nowadays as blockchain games high graphic ones where you control an army of your NFTs and battle it out with other users online, the first blockchain games were simple where you would basically gamble and win or lose depending on the results of a certain block starting the era of gambling blockchain games as well. Games like ltc dice or with another crypto is one of the most popular ones till this day. 

While blockchain games are fun and a way to monetize your playtime, the toll it adds on the blockchain that is on can also be a massive one if the game picks up, take for example crypto kitties, which was considered a pioneer among blockchain games and it literally broke the Ethereum blockchain, with millions of transactions causing massive delays and huge fees in order to get a transaction through on the ETH blockchain. 

Crypto kitties was basically a game where you’d buy, trade, and breed your cats. People went mad over this where crypto kitties were literally being sold for hundreds of Ethereum. This started a blockchain games revolution where more and more similar games began appearing on a different blockchain, ones that allow fast transactions and relatively low fees, considering that once Ethereum went up in price you’d have to pay upwards of 100$ only in transaction fees. 

This also was the stepping stone for the new NFT trend, while people might consider an NFT to be a “picture” on the blockchain, basically all blockchain games would reward you with a unique character that was minted and permanently cemented in the blockchain, so if you played crypto kitties or something similar, well you might already own some NFTs as well. 

With the implementation of Web3, it’s basically clear that blockchain games will only get better and probably more advanced and our opinion is that at some point blockchain games will replace the standard gaming industry so we’re looking forward to seeing how the blockchain will revolutionize our day to day lives even more.