Tronlink Deposits

2 min read

Introducing Tronlink 

We are excited to announce that here at Duckdice you now have the option to deposit via Tronlink.

What is Tronlink? 

Tronlink is a browser extension that allows for an easier way to access the Tron Blockchain and manage the connection between a website and a secure platform allowing you to make transactions and interactions with the Tron Blockchain and apps developed on it. Tronlink provides for the Tron Blockchain similar to what Metamask provides for the Ethereum blockchain. Thus opening the path to countless opportunities such as games, applications, websites, and much more on the Tron Blockchain while using Tronlink as an interface. While it was first introduced as an easier way to deposit and withdraw for gambling casinos, slowly but surely it’s extending its reach and countless DApps are being developed around it. 

How to use it? 

Firstly Tronlink is currently only available for Chrome browsers and can be found on the chrome web store. Creating an account is quite easy, after you install the extension, create a new account, make sure you’ve saved the seed phrase so that you’d be able to restore your wallet, and that’s it, you now have a much easier way of accessing and interacting with the Tron Blockchain and multiple TRC-20 based websites. You as well have the option to import your existing Tron wallets giving you the opportunity to manage multiple wallets through one interface.