hello dear duckdice.io community i just wanted to write this post because you guys should be aware of this kind of scams iknow its late to post this since its been months now but yeah,

so ive been playing on duckdice for years and its almost my favorite site this person @crewchellenge suddenly texted me out of nowhere asking for my account to play with faucts i didnt want to give him acces to be honest i wouldnt give anyone but he told me something about his family and that they are poor and he studies he doesnt work so i told my self i dont play with faucts anyway and i have a soft heart i gave him my account and he asked stan for a bonus i never knew you can ask an admin for such bonus and admin gave him 3k usd bonus on my account and he tip it to his own account this is so unfair tips should only be sent out to someone else using 2FA i had 2FA on i never expected any money would go out of my account without my perms anyway here are some screenshots of what happend


scroll down for more sceenshots . anyway it is what it is stay safe guys and sorry if he messaged anyone of you guys from my account