What is YoloDice

YOLOdice is a game of chance built around Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Players play against a (pseudo) random number generator by placing bets. Think lottery. A result of a bet is either a loss (player loses the coins) or a win (player gets more coins than the initial cost of a bet).

Investors on the other hand provide funds (bankroll) for the game, hoping for a long-term return on their investment.

Main highlights of YOLOdice are:

It's fast — players place bets and get responses within milliseconds.

1% house edge — which is low enough for players, high enough for investors' profit.

It's provably fair — game outcomes can be independently verified.

It's secure — 2FA, cold wallets, server-side security.

One can either play or invest in bankroll — test your luck immediately or invest long-term.

You can invest with leverage — manage investment risk — find balance between risk and expected profits.

Multiple cryptocurrencies for now there's Bitcoin and Litecoin, we are working on adding more coins.


How to play?

Set amount of your bet. It's the amount of coins you put at stake for an individual bet. A bet is like a lottery ticket — "amount" is it's price.

Tip: you can practice with free bets. Just set amount to 0.

Choose multiplier or chance. These are connected. The higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning. If you win your win will equal to multiplier × amount.

Example: set the amount to 1 BTC. If you set multiplier to ×10, your winning chance will equal to 9.9%. The chance is low, but if you win, you win 10 BTC back. Profit from this bet would be 9 BTC.

Example: set the amount to 1 BTC. If you set chance to 90%, the multiplier will set to ×1.1. That's 9 to 1 chance to win, but the payout is small — you would only win 1.1 BTC back. Profit from winning this bet would only be 0.1 BTC.

Hit Roll LO or Roll HI buttons. The game will roll a number between 0 and 999,999. If the rolled number fits into the range you choose, you win and your balance will increase.

What is the jackpot?

At YOLOdice we have separate jackpots for each cryptocurrency. The rules for hitting the jackpots however are the same.

Jackpot rules

Your bet result (rolled number) must end with "77777" and must be a winning bet. The share of jackpot you win is proportional to your bet amount:

percentage_of_jackpot_won = 100 * bet_amount * f

f is different for each currency and equals:

Coin f Min bet amount to win the whole jackpot

BTC f = 100 0.01 BTC

LTC f = 1 1 LTC

DOGE f = 0.0001 10,000 DOGE

ETH f = 10 0.1 ETH

Any bet that hits the jackpot with amount smaller than indicated above will win only a portion of the jackpot amount, as determined by the formula.

Most recent jackpot hits are listed on the Bonuses page. Player's hits are listed in Account history.

How much does the faucet drop?

New players can claim faucet 10 times in 24h period. If you have at least one deposit with at least 0.01 BTC you can claim 50 times per 24h.

When checking how many times you claimed the faucet in 24h period is calculated per user and per IP.

The faucet amounts you can get depends on your level and usually range from 100 satoshis to 5000 satoshis. Every time you level-up the faucet amount increases.

If you connect from certain IP ranges (like VPNs) and your level is low, your faucet can be limited. We are sorry about it, but had to do this in order to prevent abuses. Good news is that once you level-up, this restriction does not apply to your account anymore.

It's been a month since our last competition and we are really happy we can run another one for you. Welcome to our LTC top-profit competition!. The rules are quite simple - the higher your LTC profit, the higher you are on the leaderboard. But only profit from your LTC bets placed during the competition counts!

The prize pool this time is 50 LTC and we are adding a bonus of 30% of LTC site profit (earned during the competition). The prize pool is split in 20 prizes.

Current prize pool is...


Prize pool is 50 LTC + 30% of the site profit earned during the competition.

Players with highest profit (in LTC) during the competition win:

1st Prize: 30.45257186LTC

(guaranteed prize: 12.5 LTC)

2nd Prize: 18.27154312LTC

(guaranteed prize: 7.5 LTC)

3rd Prize: 12.18102874LTC

(guaranteed prize: 5.0 LTC)

4th & 5th Prize: 6.09051437LTC

(guaranteed prize: 2.5 LTC)

6th — 10th Prizes: 4.87241150LTC

(guaranteed prize: 2.0 LTC)

11th — 15th Prizes: 3.04525719LTC

(guaranteed prize: 1.25 LTC)

16th — 20th Prizes: 1.82715431LTC

(guaranteed prize: 0.75 LTC)

The prize amounts can change until the competition ends. Minimum prizes are guaranteed regardless of the actual site profit.

If there is more than one player with the same profit amount, the first ones take higher places. In order to get ahead of other players you actually need to wager more.

Everyone is enrolled, all your LTC bets are automatically counted. To claim the prize you will need to send a private message to @ethan_nx(1) within 3 days after competition closes. Just type /pm 1 in chat and say that you want the prize.

Good luck!

This competition is...


Starts at

Feb 23rd, 5:00:00 AM

9:00:00 PM UTC

Ends at

Mar 2nd, 5:00:00 AM

9:00:00 PM UTC (in 6 days)

here a clean link:https: //yolodice.com/#

and here is my ref link: https://yolodice.com/r?Gd2P-rGJ