You start playing, enter the required number of coins, make the appropriate bet, and after choosing a certain number, the process begins. Profit is automatically adjusted. As soon as you are ready to roll the dice, click on one of the 2 suggested buttons, depending on which number you are counting on. The casino interface allows the user to roll the dice in 2 ways: manually, using a mouse click or using hot keys, as well as using autobots. has a peculiar advantage - it is the average percentage of the casino win from the value of the bets made, which varies from 0.8% to 1%. This is much more profitable for the player, in contrast to the average casino win percentage, which depends on the size of the bets made in any other casino. This feature attracts a large number of new players who are ready to try their luck.

For the casino itself, this is a relatively low advantage. The higher your rate is, the lower it falls - starting from one percent up to 0.8%. It is truly unrivaled for Bitcoin dice .


There is a dedicated button for receiving free bitcoins when your balance is zero.

The faucet contains few features besides the game itself, but includes another extra faucet to get satoshi when you've made a lot of bets on the site. The ability to get up to 6,000 Satoshi at a time is nice and it doesn't matter how much time you have to spend playing in order to achieve a good result.