Highest paying bitcoin faucet 2021

What are Bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucet (or in English Bitcoin Faucet) is a system of incentives and the simplest way to earn Bitcoin without investing your own funds. As a rule, a bitcoin faucet is a web resource or a separate page on a site that gives a reward and distributes it among users for a specific action, which may be, for example, entering a captcha, viewing ads, or other specified actions. Actions can be completely different up to participation in a competition or in a mine online game. That is, the process of obtaining bitcoins using bitcoin gambling is in no way connected with mining. Bitcoin faucets are absolutely free and only in some cases do you need to register by entering your e-mail.

But do not rush to rejoice, you will hardly be able to earn 1 bitcoin in a short time, most bitcoin faucet payments rarely exceed a couple of thousand satoshis (1 satoshi - 0.00000001 bitcoin), and as a rule, payments are only a few dozen satoshis. However, if you collect a lot of Bitcoin faucets with constant payments and establish a scheme, then after a while you will be able to accumulate a small amount. That is, you should immediately say that you will definitely not become a millionaire on bitcoin faucets, but in any case, bitcoin faucets are an excellent opportunity to probe and feel bitcoins and cryptocurrencies from the inside, without investing your own real money from them.

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