Check out this new Crash, Blackjack, & Dice Site!

NanoGames is a new Crypto-based, social gambling site with the following game modes: Crash, BlackJack, NonceDice & HashDice.

You can play with: BTC, ETH, NANO, and CUB

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Some key features include:

  • Chat Rains

  • Collect Medals for your achievements and receive bonuses

  • Where is the PANDA?: Every 6 hours, a PANDA will appear randomly for the next 10 minutes and exist for one minute. Click on the PANDA will get reward.

  • ROLL point game: Players can get the opportunity to be rewarded based on top 10 ROLL points

  • Referral system: Share revenue's of up to 40% with the 3 level agent system. Not only will you have commission for recommending players, players directly recommended by your players will also get an extra commission.

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