Not each user has the chance to invest in cryptocurrency. Fortunately, you may get the first bitcoins for free, although this will need some effort and contribute a lot of time.

You can get cryptocurrency through mobile games. Refunds are made in a state of performing regular duties or reaching a level. In this approach, the developers attempt to keep interested in the game and give part of the profit with the players. Some organizations go moreover and include blockchain into the game with their own coin, not bitcoin. In Bitcoin gambling players are encouraged to complete levels and collect cards - each card is stored on the blockchain and can be sold.

Benefits and drawbacks


  1. Fun - playing is much more joy than completing various tasks through the taps. So the user can while away leisure time with attention while getting to work or while traveling.
  2. Accessibility - each user can download the game. The developers do not set restrictions on the gender or age of the players.
  3. Availability - you can play at any suitable time.

Bitcoin games additionally have drawbacks:

  1. Low level of graphics - when analyzing Bitcoin games with other modern applications, they are noticeably inferior in drawing essence. Large development companies are not yet at risk of tying their games to cryptocurrency.
  2. Risks - developers can stop supporting the game at any time, so the user will not be able to withdraw the earned cryptocurrency.
  3. Monotony - such free games cannot satisfy the user with a kind of technician.
    How much can you make

Profitability in games is comparable to Bitcoin faucets. Users shouldn't expect to receive more than 2,000 Satoshi per hour. It will take a player over 10 years to earn 1 BTC.