Free ( $50,000,000 ) Airdrop Giveaway : EIFI Token

You can only Claim from someone ref ink

how many ref required to wd

rajakjr123 said:

how many ref required to wd

you don't need any ref to wd

Token withdrawls will start from September 1st and 1 % of your free airdrop account balance you will be able to withdraw monthly !

This is done so that there is no dumping in the market and people with long term holding vision are rewarded the maximum !

Imagine if you accumulate 1000 tokens till then by working on your EIFI business and price is around $300 range !

Then if you withdraw 10 tokens monthly i.e $300*10 = $3000 monthly income which will increase over a period of time !

for example i have right now 5 tokens so monthly i can withdraw 0.5 token , average price if the token price is 100 usd monthly you can get 50 usd free money for 10 months **just for example**

Here Are Official EIFI Token Details

You can see all live trades here on poocoi , dextools + Token details on BSCScan

You can add EIFI token on pancake swap by choosing the option of adding custom tokens and entering this information

Token Ofifcial Smart Contract Address :


Token Symbol : EIFI

Decimal Digits : 8

Claim as much you can!

I will check it...

update your eifi wallet address here add eifi in your trust wallet and copy that address and paste it in your eifi dashboard under profile section, as they said you will receive your coin automatically once when they started releasing coins

thanks will try😊