Auto Play strategy request/suggestion

Can I make a suggestion for a slight alteration on Auto game play? On auto, if I select to reduce the bet amount with each win, there is an option to "stop at minimum" bet or "keep playing". Can I request/suggest that there be a third option for the player to set a minimum amount not to drop below? (Obviously this would be above the system minimum) My reasoning is the game tends to stop everytime there is an adjustment to the system minimum.

i like this idea generally and would solve a lot of issues, i think really though one way round this would be us to make a push for an absolute mininum bet of 1 satoshi / etoshi / litoshi across the board though i already despair our min bet was lowered .... but it's not easy to do and your suggestion might be easier as a interim

I like this idea and it makes a lot of sense, hope it can be applied.

up for this one hope admins review this suggestion soonish.