Security plus some

Some ideas that aren't at all original but worth considering all the same:

  • Different login name from our display name. Option to change display names as well
  • Access to on-site bank feature and security settings also requiring password/2fa
  • Geo location / device locks
  • Auto locking feature when idle for x amount of time
  • Default/Emergency withdraw wallets
  • Login history and active sessions display

Sorry if any of them already exist but I missed them. As for the abovementioned, the idea is to have them be optional so it doesn't inconvenience those that don't want them.

1) think display names will always be one time only, and unsure on how practical it is with our system to have different login username too on-site name but well worth thinking about..

2) yes that would make a lot of sense, option to have password lock on any transaction makes a lot of sense

3) not a fan of geo location/ device locks it would probably produce too much additional admin work

4) yes option to log out after x amount of idle time makes a lot of sense too

5) unsure on how useful that as a feature is in this context

6) Yes! makes a lot of sense

PS. when i answer these, it's only from a rudimentary view point; i just sort of glance over and give the best impression that i have, i can sometimes be way off the mark of main teams view points etc :)

No need for the disavowal, but understandable. Not really expecting anything to happen or else, I just write these because no one's stopped me. 👻

5) There could be option to lock withdraws to that address, unless certain conditions fulfilled, e.g.: introducing a passcode. Unclaimed funds could be sent there by default if duckdice ever decides to stop operating, etc. It can also serve as an additional way to prove account ownership for when users lose their login credentials.

Not that I'd use any of these myself, but.

  1. Not bad really, also can be used as a account verification info
  2. sure? this one is quite easy
  3. huuge % use VPN so not sure
  4. won't it be annoying? as an option - ok, but not deafult, I'd personally hate it
  5. yup
  6. we have it in the private info report btw but not the most convenient place

They can be annoying and bring additional problems alright. Optional would be preferred if they ever happen.