Our opinion and feedback on some current DD issues

This post is a summary of the opinion, suggestions and wishes of a small group of current regular DuckDice users (see list at the end).


  1. The DD Club weekly/monthly “situation” has disgruntled many and we expect better and more transparent communication. Promises were broken repeatedly, creating a messy overall situation.

  2. We expect a change in the way financial support is handled and wish for a 24/7 solution

  3. Chat quality of ENG chat room has declined and we wish for better enforcement and mod presence to reduce spam and rain hunting

1. The weekly/monthly situation

DuckDice has introduced a rakeback model on March 18th 2021. Within the Rakeback modal screen, the inclusion of a weekly and monthly “rakeback/bonus” was teased from the first day on.

In the weeks following the launch of rakeback, Admins and mods have gone on record stating that weekly / monthly will be added soon. At the beginning it was often stated “it’s ready when it’s ready”, and talking about it became a kind of running joke in the chat rooms. There was no clear expectation of what “soon” would mean.

Communication surrounding the weekly / monthly rakeback/bonus has gotten more concrete in the first weeks of May, with statements by Admins about it “being added within 2 weeks” up to a chat statement by an Admin on Friday 21st of May, that it should be / they are trying to be ready by Monday 24th of May.

Till today, the new weekly / monthly system has not launched. Instead, a new deposit bonus running for 7 days was launched. This was perceived by many users as a slap in the face.

There is a multitude of users that have done high amounts of wager in May, considering the fact that the new weekly/monthly would launch (as suggested by the statements by Admins). For these users, the fact it wasn’t added despite repeated statements it would be, made them lose trust in the administration and DuckDice as a reputable casino.

Final nail in the coffin was the information, that upon introduction of the new weekly/monthly bonus, only the last two weeks would be taken into consideration. This seems off out of three reasons:

Still no indication when it would launch and which two weeks would count then

A “monthly” does not consist of 2 weeks, but a view of 4 weeks

Losses and wager of some HRs done lately would suddenly not be relevant

We are asking for:

More transparent communication concerning the DD Club model. Official statements by Admins and not only hearsay. A lot of bad feelings that users currently have can be cleared up by more transparent communication

Taking into consideration the last 4 weeks / all of May for the launch of weekly/monthly

A proper launch window / indication of a timeframe

In short: The way this was handled made it seem to us like we as regular, depositing, both high wagering and high rolling users, or just regular users, aren’t being valued customers of the casino. It feels like our time and money we spend at DuckDice are not relevant, leaving a very bad feeling within many of us.

We are aware, that a weekly/monthly model is nothing that is owed to us. Neither is it owed to us to do a retroactive credit of the weeks before launch of the rakeback. We are aware, that a casino is a business and not a charity. We are aware, that gambling includes losses and that it is our own responsibility, and that we should not count on any bonuses. We are aware of all that. But we should not have been told timeframes or promises by admins that were repeatedly broken / not kept and no communication about it.

We like DuckDice. We like to deposit and play at DuckDice. But the current situation has gotten us really, massively annoyed. And it’s all solvable with better communication and investing a bit into the time we spend at DuckDice.

2. Availability financial admin

DuckDice operates (financial) support on a core 7hr workday basis, monday - friday, GMT+2 timezone.

This has lead and is still leading to a multitude of issues in case of financial support tickets: Missing deposits, pending withdrawal reviews, node issues, etc - the turnaround time on such a core aspect of a casino is often too long.

We are aware, that you cannot give many people access to the backend out of security and trust reasons. But we do expect, for a casino of this size, to have a financial admin to be available 24/7.

Either by offering a new ticket system, in which financial support questions can go faster to the relevant person, or by giving frontline support staff better ways to reach financial admins, up to simply hiring someone that is available in the timeslots that are more catered to the Asian or American playerbase.

Security is key for the operation of a casino, but users should not be arbitrarily be at an disadvantage for high security standards leading to slow turnaround times on financial support matters.

3. Chat Quality ENG chat room

We want English chat to be a good experience for both newcomers to the site as well as daily regulars. This is currently not possible.

We have noticed an increase in Pakistani / Indian users flooding the main ENG chat room. Likely reason is rain hunting. Chat quality has started to be watered down by many “conversations just to have a conversation to hunt for rain”, and by many “hi bro, gl bro, recover bro” comments.

We expect chat moderators to be more present and enforce chat quality.

We expect users to adapt to the chat surrounding they are in, by trying for a minimum level of english and taking part in conversations.

We recommend adding a Pakistan chat room, despite it not being many members, that they can be referred to by moderators.

We are aware, that a crypto casino chat is not a place of highly intellectual, deep conversation. But despite that, it should be a surrounding that is not filled with low quality chat for chat sakes.

We hope for a better enforcement of chat.


We are aware, that all this is just the views of a small group of DuckDice regulars.

We are aware, that the casino would still function and exist even without us, and that DuckDice doesnt rely on us.

But we see DuckDice as a community. And consider us to be a type of backbone of those that spend the most time there. We do not want to leave or start badmouthing DuckDice. But current events are starting to push us into that direction.

We do not know how the business side of DuckDice is doing (apart from being aware of e.g. a HR losing lots of ETH), but get the feeling DuckDice is doing very good or at least ok. So why does it feel for us regulars like we are treated as if we are not valuable? Why does it feel like we are left out and ignored by the administration?

Dear @stan - dear @DoubleDuck - dear @DuckHunt - thank you for reading and considering our opinion. We would like a reply and some form of communication concerning this within the next 48 hours to see if we are taken seriously.

Signed by

@sutanmakmur, @wpjony, @magikarp, @dre1982, @dudeboyman (rambo4ever), @Sideshowbob98 (wolfbain), @LionB, @BeFrank, @wopsow, @hate115, @KaSpArOoV93, @shirke94, @poloniex, @keiichi4444, @ags5009

(if anyone reads this and agrees with us, please sign by posting a reply)

Agree even i was question to stan before update site warn msg @stan: was said is launched on monday but still warring

@wpjony: For waiting for weekly monthly yearly we want apologize and usdt bonus

Approved and agreed apon 🤌 @stan @flint @bobstone @miki

monthly should calculated monthly not 2 week and yes we want bonus for these delays :/

you mentioned all the issues we facing right now, 100% agree with you

agreed. well put sutan

ecoeco said:

agreed. well put sutan

it wasnt just me, we put this together :)


OK wow, allow me try to answer each thing

  1. First of all timing of adding weekly and monthly was never set in stone (pardon the pun), i'm sorry if any of you felt promises were broken but development of things doesn't always follow a straight arrow, there were unforseen delays, tons of DDoSes that were killing our performance and an immediate need to upgrade servers as a result, also many other things (like may is always a vacation season) made it come out much slower than first intended.
    As to giving a time, well it looks like we've already screwed that up by giving them out before, and yes i am aware of the 'meme' soon is getting a bit much now, but it is coming and saying when seems counter productive at this point (I myself thought it would be at least a week ago).
    I really wish i could be more straight forward than that but it is what it is. I don't feel like we ever gave more than hopes on release times, or painted a big banner saying ''it will be done by this time'' though, just maybe very prematurely gave some indication as to when i hoped it'd be finished and these hopes never quite materalised to what i thought =/

We'll look into how for back we can consider but there are technical limitations, it will be retroactive however.

  1. though it's true as you say there is a core operating hours, it's not like we don't attend to things around the clock, there's always an emergency development member and qualoity assurance specialt (QA) on hand at all times and some issues like missing deposits, node hiccups etc, simply take a while too fix due to the nature of having to sync back up to blockchains which can be a timely task. even during core hours there is often a few hour wait

that said i'll give this a thought on how we can speed up some support work, probably will get more guys into the team.

  1. Some of this comes across a bit racist and singling out certain communities ..... I'm not quite sure we can enforce a policy based on nations but i will talk to the mod team and see what can be done.... As far as i see it our mods mute people at the rate of knox as it is o__o
    Finally, a bit of an ask, but DD is staffed not by super humans, we are sincerely trying to meet your guys expectations and sincerely want DD to be the best dice site around and your not wrong, without you guys we'd not be able achieve that but it is very much a community site, like your showing now, and sometimes like we need to be understanding of your needs, we sincerely would appreicate you being understanding of ours too.
    Thanks for reading :)

Also, some clarification on "how much time we will include in the bonus when it's released":
Weekly bonus will count 2 past weeks - immedetely available for claim
Monthly bonsu will count 1 past month - immedetely available for claim

And I don't feel comfortable of giving any estimate on when it will be released, but I will give you heads up later today

Agreed @needtolose


thanks for info Stan.

Thanks for answering @Stan, we really appreciate it. Hope things going well for the sake of DD and all DD community :)