Tower.Bet Feedback and Recommendations

Some feedback @Stan: @bobstone: guys the slot on is relatively good, i really like the music on it but the roll speed can be a bit slow, i also havent seena free spins for a bit, so i would recommend allowing users to bonus buy, essentially buying freespins, that would be better, also enabling a roll speed button with options like turbo mode would help too, ty homie

Agree, tower rolling is way slower than DD

@AnonymousYT did you try new mode without animation ? It's not DD flash of course, but stil quite fast and as for my test crazy fast slots are no fun

Just FYI it's common feedback that 'slots are fun but slow' even with the faster animations, i think some people would probably prefer a instant mode (no animations) as much as the experience will be lost

Crazy fast is needed 100 spins a minute plz

more feedbacks and ideas here would be awesome.keep sharing your thoughts.

it need to mush slower it's way to fast for me