Petition to Remove Weekly and Monthly Rake

Calling all my 5 footers and other influential duckies!!

Please respond with a + to this thread to show your support for removal of the weekly and monthly bonus rake tabs on the site!

been waiting too long for this and it's just a tease!!! Remove! thanks. !

I tend to agree with this, at one point I could expect 1k from a weekly if I was really getting on it, but this week I wagered 589 eth and nearly a million ripple and my rakeback was 73 xrp. Now, I understand that I was up at the end of the week, but that isn't what the rakeback is advertised as, it's just a percentage. It seems to be a bigger percentage if you lose than if you win...

Rakeback itself is % of house edge of your wager :) which is 1% of tour wager - and thats house edge ( what house makes from your gameplay / wager ) . its properly stated as it stated % of rakeback ( % of house edge ) ... so if hose have made 100$ from your wager via house edge you'll get in monthly that 3 % from that ... can't get,hypothetically, 200 $ if the house edge of your wager is 100$. and yes ., if you're in loss there can and usually is some extra on top of rakeback.

Petition to remove miki from this website!

Kirito89 said:

Petition to remove miki from this website!