Free LiteDoge

LiteDoge isnt worth much currently but maybe in the Future :)
You can get LiteDoge for free using either LiteDoge Faucet once an Hour,
Faucet, "Rains", Giveaways and much more in the Official Discord or with another
LiteDoge Faucet.
I got ~160 LiteDoge after 2 Days which are currently worth 0.10$.

Litedoge ? 😅 sounds ...very serious

miki said:

Litedoge ? 😅 sounds ...very serious

I didnt fully understand it but someone wrote:
"Well I would say that like those was originally supposed to be a dashcoin masternode wallet and it was buggy and horrible at first and people having issues with it and so there was a community takeover right off the bat with the first wallet and minerFTW,

cT giant, crunk and person named puppy Doge who basically ran the Reddit page and the Facebook page basically did a hostile takeover and remake over the whole coin basically making it a normal proof of work proof of steak coin based off of black coin what is essentially proof of steak 2.0 which was the coin was basically made proof of steak basically what it is now when peercoin was the first coin to basically make proof the stake"